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Thomas Hettasch South Africa Germany

Technical manager
Embectrical Lead

I’m a second year Robotics Masters student at TU Delft and have been building robots for over a decade now. I enjoy learning new technical skills, as well as pushing myself to develop my leadership abilities. Ultimately, my aim is to inspire and encourage the next generation of engineers to think outside the box and pursue innovation.

Zhengyang (Steven) China

Team manager

A second year Robotics master student at TU Delft. I joined the team to do something meaningful and fun in my spare time and it’s a great experience so far. Having some interest in marketing I’d like to develop our brand to something fun and memorable.

Tim Verburg Netherlands


A TU Delft Robotics master graduate with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Robotics. I would like to improve the world for everyone through innovation and robotics and meet some amazing people along the way.

Balint Hungary

Software Lead

Ex-computer science student from Hungary with 3 years of professional software engineering experience. I joined the team to look for new challanges, meet cool people and have fun, while also working to innovate for a better world.

Roma Earth

Magic Lead

Trying hard to get into research, but failing miserably for now. Had 8 years of robotics experience, but prefer to work on high-level software. I aim to win RoboCup, but taking the last place is also fine.

Kevin Hong Kong France

Hardware Lead

Currently studying Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft, and in my downtime, I’m looking to learn more about robotics whilst putting my knowledge to use. I joined the team to challenge myself whilst having fun and I look forward to the progress the team has to make!

Renyi China


student at TU Delft, studying Computer Science| ᐕ)⁾⁾ I hope my code could make some sense.(┬_┬)

Thijs Netherlands


I’m a Second year computer science student who is always open for a new challenge. My goal is to learn a lot and contribute to a fierce team of 6 robots that is to be reckoned with.

Alexander France Scotland Netherlands


I’ve come from France to study Computer Science in Delft, joining the team because of the interest in Robotics I gained from participating in the First Tech Challenge as a high-school student.

Nianlei China


Like to explore new things; Part-time badminton player and climber;

Leila Iran


George Greece


I am a Robotics MSc student at TU Delft, and I love tinkering and working with electronics. Being a member of the Delft Mercurians is an opportunity for me to get my hands dirty building robots while working alongside brilliant people. I strive to learn from both my mistakes and those of others—most frequently mine.

Martijn Belgium


Ece Turkey Netherlands


Currently, a student at TU Delft studying mechanical engineering. With a basic knowledge of robotics, I want to delve deeper into the field while applying what I am learning in my studies. Additionally, I do design work for the team.

Kian Iran


Currently a Third-year Aerospace engineering student pursuing a minor in Engineering with Artificial Intelligence. Thrilled to be part of the Delft Mercurians football team, where I get to contribute my skills towards the team’s mission of breaking into the Robocup competition for the first time in 2024.

Guillem Spain


First year Robotics Master Student with a Mechanical Engineering background. Part of the infrastructure team helping port code from Python to Rust. However, I am eager to continue learning about the robots as well as pushing them to their limit in the competition!

Teodor Romania


I’m currently a first-year Bachelor’s student in Computer Science & Engineering at TU Delft. I’ve built small Arduino robots all high school, and now under the guidance of Balint, I’m learning Rust. I am enthusiastic about continuous learning, connecting with new people, and embracing the fun in every challenge!

Yohan France


I am Linus the Linelander. Grinding hard to become Felix the Flatlander

Matei Romania


Iván López Broceño Spain


I am a first year MSc Robotics student at TU Delft driven by curiosity. My goal is to create new robotic solutions that will shape the future we will live in for the better. In order to do that, I am focusing my career on the software of the robots and its AI. Joining the team allows me to face new challenges aimed to win the competition at the same time that I can meet and work with passionate people. Personally, I am the kind of person that say yes to every crazy plan, so count me in!

Misha Israel


I’m a first year masters student in AI, I have quite some experience with machine learning and reinforcement learning in particular, and I am exited to apply my ML skills in the scope of this competition.